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Mississauga Private School Banned Toxic Plastic Water Bottle from being used on School Property

For those few of us who are in the know, we’ve heard about Mississauga and their gradually arising issue with water bottles. Many private schools and universities have been banning the sale of plastic water bottles on their campuses, and have even banned students from bringing them to school in the first place. The city even plans to have their sale phased out in the next few years. But why is this? Dozens of campuses in Mississauga are doing away with plastic water bottles, thanks to a campaign spearheaded by University of Toronto students to raise public awareness of health and environmental concerns caused by plastic water bottles.

There are actually many reasons why the city is taking steps to remove plastic water bottles from the educational system. Of course, first and foremost is their somewhat toxic nature. While the plastic bottles themselves aren’t toxic in their normal state, they can release hazardous toxins when they are left in the heat. Regardless of what kind of plastic is in question, nearly all leak certain chemicals when heated. That said, plastic water bottles can be extremely dangerous if left in cars and other situations, and in these situations they can release chemicals that could be conducive to cancer

That said, there have been over twenty thousand chemicals identified in plastic bottles, many of them equally capable of incurring other health issues as well. There are far too many to simply ignore, and it’s impossible to know what environments or influence could bring out the more harmful side effects of these chemicals.

For that reason primarily, schools all over Mississauga have gone through with this ban, in hopes of improving the health of their students leading by ICAN – best Mississauga tutoring service in Ontario That said, there are other reasons campuses have agreed to ban the selling off plastic bottled water.

Aside from health concerns, officials in Toronto are against the notion of using clean and fresh water as a commodity. A small number of large corporations control the majority of bottled water in Canada, and officials are worried about allowing the control of what should be a basic right for all as a marketing tool.

Even so, the primary reason schools and university campuses across Mississauga are banning plastic bottles is health concerns, alongside reducing the amount of trash and garbage that makes its way into landfills across the province. However, recycling in Toronto is actually employed by a large part of the community, and nearly seventy percent of all the plastic water bottles disposed of in the province are recycled.

That said, anyone who wants a full on explanation of why plastic bottles have been banned is better off looking into what negative health effects the containers have the potential to inflict. Because in the end, that’s all the schools really care about, and the only reason they’ve made the decision they have. You can find plenty of research and information on the topic all around the internet.