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Environmentally Friendly Tires choices for your car, truck, and SUV

Tires are probably one of the hardest things to dispose of and can be hard to decide what to do with, once they’re incapable of being used on a vehicle. However, thanks in part to some great companies out there, there are now better choices and solutions for tire companies whether it be for your car, truck, or even an SUV. These environmentally friendly tires are being picked up by most car companies and mean new and better things for the environment as well as car owners everywhere.

Where can I find environmentally friendly tires for my car, truck or SUV?

What makes these tires so friendly can be listed under one of two different things. “Of a couple of companies choosing to go green, they’ve begun making choices that reduce the emissions that stem from tire production. In some cases, it can be not just the process, but what’s used to create the tires as well,” said the Auto Glass shop in Brampton – You can visit them here AutoGlassRepairBrampton’s website Let’s look at some of the companies that have gone green, and what they can do for those in the market for new eco-friendly tires.

  • Michelin: With their low rolling resistance, these tires help to create a more fuel efficient vehicle, which means fewer gas emissions.
  • Bridgestone: Their Ecopia tires much like Michelin are also packed with the same roll resistance to give you more mileage.
  • Yokohama: This company overall works to reduce the carbon imprint. The ranges from creation to products used to make the tires. While many companies might use petroleum, instead, Yokohama uses orange oil.
  • Hankook Kontrol Technology tires: This company makes tires that are created more resistant and thus don’t require being replaced as often.
  • Good Year: Like some of its counter companies, their tires are being set up to be not only fuel efficient but to last longer so you won’t have to buy tires as often.
  • Pirelli Scorpion Verde Tires: These are both great for fuel efficiency as they are reducing their carbon imprint. This company has begun looking at the long run regarding reducing their carbon emissions and being eco-friendlier.

How can I reduce emissions on my own?

A lot of people are looking for ways in which they can go green on their own. If you’re one of those individuals who’re looking for ideas, try a few simple tips. Apparently, riding a bike can reduce your carbon imprint as it’s both a healthy way to get out and about and also doesn’t use fuel. When you’re able to be on the highway more than the city roads you’ll spend less time wasting fuel as there isn’t as much traffics, lights, and other people you have to worry about. Also, try to keep up with your vehicles maintenance. By maintaining the pressure in your tires properly checked you’ll have less roll resistance to work around and your car can function a lot better. Of course, there are other methods you can look into as well.