Don’t Wait For The Pain

It is far better to give your body what it needs to prevent joint and range of motion problems than to wait for the problems to happen. The glucosamine, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), and boswellin extract in AIM Frame EssentialsŽ are the perfect ingredients for maintaining healthy joints and promoting ease of movement.

To put it into perspective, we talked to one person who is very active and whose joints get a lot of wear. This is Debbi Lawrence, a three-time Olympic walker in her forties, she understands that her intensive training regimen is bound to take its toll on her joints.

Debbi first used glucosamine when she reinjured a knee she had hurt while running in college. She was looking at weeks off her training schedule—a disaster for a world-class athlete. But after using AIM Frame EssentialsŽ she was able to resume training in three days—the pain was gone!

Debbi attributes this to glucosamine’s ability to rebuild. “I was amazed at my recovery,” Debbi remembers, “but when I investigated, it made sense. AIM Frame EssentialsŽ, was giving my knee joint what it needed to repair. Even more thrilling to me is that since I started using the product, I have had no further knee problems. This is amazing—I used to pretty much be able to count on a problem every month. Now, I’m training harder and longer with healthy joints.

“I am thrilled with AIM Frame EssentialsŽ, because it has the power of glucosamine. Glucosamine is a building block for joint cartilage and promotes healthy joint tissue by keeping normal spacing in the areas surrounding and between the joints. This contributes to greater joint mobility and flexibility in my walking. Glucosamine also lubricates my joints by attracting water into the joint area so I can move freely. Even better is that AIM Frame EssentialsŽ, also includes MSM and boswellin extract for added benefits. I believe AIM Frame EssentialsŽ has kept inflammation under control and has provided specific joint nutrients that assist the healing and recovery process after intense exercise.

“When I finish my Olympic career, I want to be as active as ever—I don’t want to be forced into a sedentary lifestyle because I overdid it in earlier years. We all (especially athletes) need a supplement that works like a ‘life insurance policy’—to warranty the body from the damages of intense exercise, wear, and tear. After more than 20 years of miles and miles pounded into my joints, I am confident I will be healthy into old age. I take two to four AIM Frame EssentialsŽ in divided servings each day. When I feel the need, I take extra tablets for a few days. Then, right back on the maintenance protocol once again.”

If AIM Frame EssentialsŽ keeps joints healthy in a person who walks an average of 10 miles every day, imagine what it can do for you.

AIM Frame EssentialsŽ contains 1,730 mg of glucosamine complex, 400 mg of boswellin extract, and 390 mg of MSM per daily serving of 4 tablets.