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Car Manufacturers Are Looking Into More Environmentally Friendly Ways for Their Parts (Auto Glass)

As being environmentally friendly becomes more and more important as global warming is slowly harming our planet, many car manufacturers are looking for ways to be greener, both in their vehicles and the parts that make up the vehicle, such as auto glass. Here are some of the top companies that have made moves to become eco-friendly and the steps that they have taken said the Pros at Oakville shop here

1. Chysler

Although Chrysler still has many steps left to a greener vehicle, it has taken small baby steps towards this goal. Chrysler has sought after its brands Jeep and Dodge, offering newer vehicles that have better designs that are not only aerodynamic, but aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the cars are more fuel-efficient and most of the auto glass has been made from recycled glass, making this company the first one on the list.

2. General motors

Along with the releases through Chevrolet of Spark, Sonic, and Cruze, General Motors is also known for the Silverado and the GMC Sierras and SUVs. Similar to Chrysler, however, General Motors hasn’t done anything significant in comparison to foreign brands, but they have made changes in the vehicle by making some of them hybrids.

3. Ford

Ford is a company that has made several changes throughout the last couple of years, going through by introducing the EcoBoost technology that made vehicles drive greener and increased fuel efficiency. Moreover, cars like the Ford Focus and the Ford Fusion as well as others under the Energi banner have made way into the hybrid category of this generation.

4. Volkswagen

The German car company makes it on number 4 on our list because it has significantly improved in efficiency standards, especially with its models and the way that the cars drive. Improvements like more eco-friendly auto glass and most eco-friendly designs to the frames itself make cars lighter and smaller and environmentally friendly.

5. Nissan

This Japanese car company has recently made vast improvements in making their lines more eco-friendly, using more aerodynamic designs and better fuel-efficient technology. For example, the Nissan Leaf EV is already one of the top favorites on customers’ lists, due to how little gas it consumes and how efficient it is.

6. Toyota

One of the top car companies, Toyota, along with the infamous Prius has topped the charts in fuel efficient cars. With years and years of experience, along with a mindset of making better cars that aren’t gas guzzlers and materials that are eco-friendly such as recycled auto glass, Toyota outclasses many other car companies due to its mission and technological uses.

7. Honda

Another Japanese brand, Honda has been at the top in making sure that cars stay green and that fuel is used efficiently. They have a great reputation for a great fuel economy and for making cars that not only last long, but help make the Earth a better place. From the materials that make up this car to the features that many of them offer, Honda is definitely one of the best brands so far that has been on top of their game in terms of the environment.