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All Things that Make Up a Green Car

Green car; also called an eco-friendly or environmentally-friendly car, refers to a vehicle that produces low carbon compounds when running. It is a good choice if you’re someone who wants to contribute to saving the environment and keep something in return. 

With its low emission, the green car makes the environment safer, and this subsequently reduces the health hazards and plant diseases caused carbon compounds – quoted by Burlington auto glass (Yelp page,Facebook page). Green cars also use less toxic fuels like natural gas, biodiesel and ethanol and these saves your pocket.

Herein are some of the features that make up a green car:

  • Light Weight – Most cars that are mainly designed to lessen environmental impact and hazards also have lighter weight when compared to other vehicles. The light weight is achievable because they are constructed out of lightweight materials, particularly those taken from recycled materials. Most green car manufacturers use durable cloth upholstery, instead of leather interiors. The good thing about being lightweight is that it has better gas mileage and is more aerodynamic.
  • Emission Sensor – Since the Environmental Protection Agency issued a mandate that cars should limit emissions; the green car has an

    emission sensor to respect this. It aids in keeping the air clean and reducing smog. Various emission controls and sensors offer an assurance that your car will maintain low standards regarding emission. When searching for a green car, make it a point to check the different types of controls and sensors that limit emissions. That is a huge help in ensuring that your choice will pass the emission standards in your state.

  • Hybrid Engines – Another feature that a green car must have is the hybrid engine. That works in automatically switching from electric to the gas mode or vice versa to save fuel. Once the engine is running, expect it to change into battery mode. When you accelerate, it will use fuel while also recharging the engine. It results in a quiet car with high gas mileage.
  • Start-stop system – This is another feature that a standard green car has. This system continues to take part in the automotive industry because of its usefulness in reducing the consumption of fuel during stop and go driving. With the aid of this system, you can turn off your engine in case the car stops completely or cruising at highway speed. It also restarts whenever you release the brake or utilize the accelerator. Since the engine is turned off, it does not use any fuel while still continuing to operate.
  • Air Filtration System – With this feature present in a green car, it can work more efficiently in removing around 99 percent of allergens, exhaust pollution, contaminant and other bacteria in the air. While this can’t purify all the air, it still has significant, positive effects on your surroundings.

A green car has many features and innovations that further improve its safety, efficiency, and ability to save the environment. Take part in reducing carbon emissions by ensuring that your vehicle has all the mentioned eco-friendly features.